How to Protest Your Unfair Appraisal

If you live in Tarrant County and your taxes have skyrocketed, you’re not alone. I have received countless numbers of calls and emails from past clients and friends wondering how they can protest their taxes.

Due the demanding market in Tarrant County, home values have increased 14-16 percent in the past year. With higher home values, come higher taxes. Over a thousand people have already filed protests about the increase of their taxes, you should too.

Save time online.

Don’t waste time in the office if it isn’t necessary. To avoid long lines and a lot of stress, be sure to file your process online at an appraisal district’s website. All you need to do is plug in your home estimate and attach evidence of your home’s value. There is a chance that this will be rejected, if so, you will need to go visit

Devalue your home.

This may seem a bit odd, typically we want our home to have a high value. Now is the time to pick apart all of the things that devalue your home, trying to prove that their appraisal is inaccurate. Take some time to research homes that are similar to yours. If you find a similar house with a lower value, you can use this to show that you are overpaying. If you have any problems with your home, like a damaged roof or other internal issues, be sure to include photo evidence of these things as they lower the value of your home. This is the way to win.

Know the timeline.

It is suggested that you file a protest within 30 days of the Appraised Value being mailed. Residential property appraisals were sent out the beginning of April and you must file your protest by May 31. You will be contacted with the time and date of your hearing at least 15 days in advance. The hearing dates will fall between May 15 until around July 20.

The hearing.

When filling out the protest form, be sure to check both “over market value” and “unequal appraisal”. This will insure that you can present a wider range of evidence, hopefully helping you lower your appraisal. It is important that you bring multiple copies of all evidence, for both the appraisal district representatives all receive one.

If you feel that you have received an unfair appraisal, I definitely encourage you to fight it. It will take some work but if it saves you money in the long run, it will be well worth the work.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any additional help!



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